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A preposition is a word such as after, in, to, on, and with. Prepositions are usually used in front of nouns or pronouns and they show the relationship between the noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. They describe the position of something, the time when something happens, the way in which something is done, etc.
(Oxford Dictionaries)


There are 3 types of prepositions commonly used in English Grammar:

1. Prepositions of Time: used to refer to time in various aspects.

  • ON: used to state the date or the day of the week. Examples: on Saturday, on 7th of July, on Independence Day.
  • AT: used to indicate a specific time. Examples: at night, at 9:30 pm, at lunch time.
  • IN: used for unspecific times during a year, a season, a month, or a day. Examples: in 1983, in future, in summer.

2. Prepositions of Place: used for several types of places.

  • ON: usually used for a surface or names of streets or avenues. Examples: on the table, on Portland Street.
  • AT: used to state a specific place or address. Examples: at the entrance, at 123 Main Street.
  • IN: mostly used for names of countries, cities, towns, villages, states, continents. Examples: in London, in Canada.

3. Prepositions of Movement: used to express the direction of something.

  • He is going to his classroom.
  • I threw the stone into the river.


– About: She talked about her trip.
– Above: We flew above the clouds.
– According to: According to Rick, it’s delicious.
– Across: I swam across the river.
– After: I should leave after breakfast.
– Against: Is it against the law?
– Along: Did you walk along the road?
– Amid: We found our task amid those papers.
– Among: She is sitting among the dogs.
– Around: The Earth goes around the Sun.
– As: My sister works as a blogger.
– At: What time do you usually arrive at school?
– Because of: We moved here because of our baby.
– Before: Where did you go before school?
– Behind: Who is the little girl behind her?
– Below: Write your name below this line.
– Beneath: That boat sank beneath the waves.
– Beside: The clock is beside the book.
– Between: The fridge is between those shelves.
– Beyond: It is beyond my expectation.
– By: We went by car.
– Concerning: He asked me concerning his carrier.
– Down: We live just down the street.
– During: We were in Canada during the summer.
– Except: We all like pizza except Peter.
– Far: The bank is far from here.
– For: This letter is for you.
– From: This parcel is from our neighbour.
– In front of: A pretty girl sits in front of you.
– In: She lives in Texas.
– Inside: These clothes are inside the box.
– Instead of: We should eat fruit instead of candy.
– Into: Come into my house!
– Like: She is just like you.
– Near: I stay near here.
– Next to: We sat next to each other.
– Of: This is a picture of my family.
– Off: Keep off the grass.
– On: Those books are on my bed.
– Onto: The cat climbed onto the roof.
– Opposite: That shop is opposite the bank.
– Out of: He is now out of danger.
– Out: Her dog is out from the house.
– Outside: Those books are outside the box.
– Over: My flat is over the minimart.
– Past: I walked past her house.
– Round: We will travel round the country.
– Since: She has changed since the age of 21.
– Than: I am shorter than my brother.
– Through: Did you get in through the window?
– Till: Will he be outside till 10 o’clock?
– To: She walks to school.
– Towards: He was walking toward his office.
– Under: Her bag was under the table.
– Underneath: The pen is underneath the sofa.
– Until: My partner worked until midnight.
– Unto: She appeared unto him in a dream.
– Up: They live just up the road.
– Upon: I cannot stand upon a skateboard.
– With: My brother lives with our parents.
– Within: Can you finish it within a month?
– Without: We will go without our dogs.

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