Present Tenses

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Present Tenses is the tense of a verb that expresses action or state in the present time and is used of what occurs or is true at the time of speaking and of what is habitual or characteristic or is always or necessarily true, that is sometimes used to refer to action in the past, and that is sometimes used for future events.


There are 4 types of Present Tense commonly used in English Grammar:

1. Simple Present

Form: infinitive
Wordings: every day, sometimes, always, often, usually, seldom, never.

2. Present Perfect

Form: have/has + past participle
Wordings: just, yet, never, ever, already, so far, up to now, since, for, recently.

3. Present Continuous (Present Progressive)

Form: to be + infinitive + ing
Wordings: now, at the moment, Look!, Listen!.

4. Present Perfect Continuous (Present Perfect Progressive)

Form: have/has + been + infinitive + ing
Wordings: for, since, how long, all day, the whole day.


Simple Present

+ Affirmative: They often study English.
- Negative: They do not study English very often.
? Interrogative: Do they study English very often?

Present Perfect

+ Affirmative: They have just studied English.
- Negative: They have not studied English.
? Interrogative: Have they studied English?

Present Continuous (Present Progressive)

+ Affirmative: They are studying English now.
- Negative: They are not studying English now.
? Interrogative: Are they studying English now?

Present Perfect Continuous (Present Perfect Progressive)

+ Affirmative: They have been studying English for 4 hours.
- Negative: They have not been studying English for 4 hours.
? Interrogative: Have they been studying English for 4 hours?

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